Don’t Be Lonely – Celebrate Black Day with SnackFever!

We’re all single here, too! 😄 … 😢

The SnackFever Black Day Box is full of delicious food and therapy for all of you single folk! Single Koreans, or “solos,” drown their sorrows mark April 14 by eating a bowl of black bean noodles, aka jjajangmyun🍜


We want all of our solo SnackFever family members to get an authentic Black Day experience! 

The SnackFever Black Day Box comes with a variety of jjajangmyun options, including DIY jjajangmyun and jjajang alternatives. Plus, we threw in a bonus gift of Korean metal chopsticks! 🍜 (Total weight of the packaged product: 4.4 lbs)

Check back tomorrow for a “How to Cook & Eat Jjajang” article. In the meanwhile, you can reserve your Black Day Box at the link below:

Get Your Black Day Box Here!

The Black Day Box will ship immediately! Make sure you’re quick –it’s only available while supplies last!

Grab your Black Day Box and join Team SnackFever on April 14 as we chow down on jjajangmyun!




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