Spice It Up With The Special Paldo Ramyun Box 2.0

What’s in the box? The best Korean ramyun.

And we’re not joking. Our new Special Paldo Ramyun Box version 2.0 is no joke!

Take a look at what’s included, but don’t take too long — this box is only available for a limited time!

Take a look at our 5 Ways to Make Your Ramyun Taste Better article, then order your Paldo Ramyun Box now!


Bul Jjamppong is Korea’s most famous spicy seafood noodle. Its deliciousness will make you sweat!


Bulnak Bokkeumyun (Stir-fried noodle) is literally so hot right now. It’s the second-spiciest ramyun in Korea! 


If your mouth need a break from the spiciness, Paldo Jjajangmyun is one of the two options in this box that won’t burn your taste buds! Enjoy the always-delicious, savory black bean sauce!

CLICK HERE for cooking instructions and ingredients. This packaging had everything in Korean!



Chlorella Noodles are a healthier option of ramyun. (Yes, they do exist!) The noodles are made from chlorella extract, making them a unique green color!


Gomtang Cup Noodles are one of the most popular cup noodle options out of Korea, and it’s the other non-spicy option in the box. Enjoy the soothing beef flavor and the rice noodles!


Seafood Cup Noodles is a classic. You can’t go wrong with a solid, spicy seafood soup to go with your cup noodles!


King Cup Lobster Cup Noodles are for those who want a little *oomph* with their seafood noodles! Eat like a king.


Teumsae Ramyun is another classic spicy Korean ramyun. Prepare yourself for the kick!


Spicy Bibim Myun is a great snack for the summer, even thought it’s pretty spicy. Garnish your bowl with cucumbers and a hard-boiled egg, and you have a refreshing meal with a kick!


Pororo Roasted Seaweed is a great way to finish off your ramyun meal. If you have any leftover soup, you can finish it off by adding some rice and eating it with the seaweed!


Then, cool off your tongue with a Pororo Drink (Strawberry, Green Apple, Milk)!

Get Your Special Paldo Ramyun Box Now!



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