K-Snacks and Chill? Introducing Our August Box with Viki!

The Viki & SnackFever Binge Box has everything you need for a late-night K-drama sesh!

So….we couldn’t hold back our August Box announcement! We’ve partnered with Viki for the best K-drama binge box ever!

Each box comes with exclusive Viki swag and a Viki Pass, along with (of course) awesome snacks curated by our team.

If you’re already subscribed to a plan, you don’t have to worry — you’re locked in for August! But just so you know, the larger the box, the more awesome the swag and snacks. If upgrading your box size is on your mind, you can binge that much more! 😉

If you aren’t subscribed, join the SnackFever Family today! It’s in limited stock, so secure your Viki & SnackFever Binge Box soon!