#Unboxing the July ‘SnackFever One-Year Anniversary’ Box

We’re celebrating our One-Year Anniversary this month! 🎉

Here’s what the SnackFever Family is munching on while they party with us!

Plum Candy

Mini & Original Box


Plums are one of the most popular fruits among Koreans, and this well-known candy captures the fruit’s refreshing flavor!

Custard Sweet Gold Pastry

Mini & Original Box


There are custard pastries, and there are sweet potato custard pastries.

Sesame Ramyun

Original Box


This unique and tasty ramyun combines the classic spiciness with a deep, roasted sesame seed flavor that Koreans love.

Chicken Macho – Spicy Bulgogi Chips

Original Box


Crispy corn puffs infused with the sweet savory taste of bulgogi. It’s not the real thing, but it’s still delicious!

Roasted Potato Sticks

Mini, Original, and Deluxe Box


Who needs potato chips when you have potato sticks? These sticks look plain, but they pack a surprising amount of flavor!

Shindangdong Tteokbokki Chips

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Box


Our favorite spicy rice cake dish – in chip form! This is a newcomer among Korean chips, but it’s already one of our all-time favorites.

Milk Caramel

Mini, Original, and Deluxe Box


Did you see these on “Entertainer?” You can now get your own caramel bites to eat!

Waffle Mate

Original & Deluxe Box


One of the best coffee companions! This waffle cookie is light and delicately sweet.

Strawberry Milkis

Original & Deluxe Box


Your favorite Korean soft drink infused with the flavor of strawberries!


Deluxe Box Exclusives

Aloe Drink


Can summer drinks get any better than this?

Jjawang Rice Cup


Instant cup rice are among our favorites, and this one comes with amazing black bean sauce!

Blueberry Chips


One of the most addicting healthy and organic snacks you’ll ever try!

Chicken Macho Wasabi Chips


Embrace the green. These wasabi chips have a slight kick, but it adds to the flavor!

Caramel Maple Chips


These sweet chips are covered in a layer of caramel and maple syrup.

Green Grape Candy


These are the next best thing after actual green grapes.

Kimchi Tuna Sauce


Delicious spicy and savory tuna sauce for a quick, classic Korean dish with rice!

Ottogi Rice


Need a quick bowl of rice? We’ve got you covered!



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