#Unboxing the August ‘Viki & SnackFever Binge Box’

K-Snacks + K-Dramas = Ultimate Binge Duo

Which snacks were your favorites to go along with your dramas?


Real Candy – Strawberry

Mini & Original Box


A sweet and creamy strawberry-flavored hard candy.

Ingredients: Starch syrup, white sugar, mixed formulation (lactate, lactate sodium), butter, condensed milk, vegetable oil (palm hardened oil), refined salt, synthetic flavors (strawberry), titanium dioxide, lecithin, natural pigment (elderberry), strawberry concentrate.


Real Candy – Orange

Deluxe Box 


Just like its cousin, but with citrus – a sweet and creamy strawberry-flavored hard candy.

Wahng “King” Gummy Worms

Deluxe Box


Who knew worms could taste so fruity and delectable? Each bag contains ONE wahng-sized (king) jelly!


Soy Chips

Mini & Original Box


A close cousin of our family-favorite Blueberry Chips! This is another delicious snack that comes with healthy bonuses: high fiber and soybeans!


Ppushu Ppushu (Dry Ramyun Snack) Bulgogi Flavor

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Box


The classic dry ramyun snack tinged with the flavor of savory Korean BBQ! Mash up the noodles, add the powder, and shake it!


Sweet Rice Cake Cookie

Mini & Original Box


A soft, crumbly cookie with a sweet rice cake center. Another great pairing for tea or coffee!

Ingredients: Wheat flour, corn syrup, sugar, vegetable margarine (palm oil, processed fat [palm stearin oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm olein oil], citric acid, b-caratene, water), waxy corn starch, fructose, D-sorbitol, process butter, glutinous rice, egg, trehalose, vegetable cream powder (corn syrup, palm oil, whey, potassium, silicon dioxide, glycerin), salt, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, lecithin.


Choco Heim Cookie

Deluxe Box


A light and crispy chocolate-filled wafer that pairs well with coffee, tea, and even milk!


Honey Tong Tong (Honey Butter & Corn Flavor)

Original & Deluxe Box



Our favorite TongTong is back, but with a new take on the honey butter trend! This is a MUST-TRY exclusive.


Panda Chocokit

Original & Deluxe Box


Pandas and chocolate. This DIY snack kit is just too cute! Each chocolate mold reveals an adorable panda character!


Roasted Rice Cracker

Deluxe Box


An old-school Korean snack made from crunchy rice!


Misugaru Drink Mix

Mini & Original Box


Korean traditional grain powder made of a combination of 7 to 10 grains. This drink is best for hot summer days to quench your thirst, and it doubles as a quick, nutritious drink for breakfast or between meals!

Ingredients: Sugar, ice creamer, dextrin, glucose, white bean powder, nonglutinous rice powder, whey powder, foxtail millet powder, sorghum powder, black bean powder, brown rice powder, glutinous rice powder, tricalcium phosphate, black rice powder, black sesame powder, red bean powder, tablet salt.


Pororo Dried Seaweed

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Box


Pororo the penguin knows what’s good to eat in the ocean, and he’s here with his favorite dried seaweed lightly seasoned with sesame oil, salt, and sugar.


Bibim Myun

Original & Deluxe Box


A Korean classic for the summer! This soupless noodle dish still packs a spicy punch, so be sure to pair it with the Pororo seaweed or other non-spicy banchan.


“Gondre” (Thistle) Rice Cup

 Deluxe Box


One of the tastiest and healthiest dishes out of Korea. This rice cup is full of antioxidants found in Korean “gondre” (thistle).


Pocari Sweat

Original & Deluxe Box


A well-known Japanese drink that Koreans love just as much! It’s the Gatorade of Asia, but expect a completely unique taste!


Cheon Yeon Cider

Deluxe Box


A sweet cider with just a hint of cream soda flavor. It’s a refreshing and lively drink for a warm day!