Let’s Unbox With AfreecaTV!

Are you made for prime time? Show us what you’ve got!

by Team SnackFever

Hey SnackFever Family superstars! We’re teaming up with our good friends at AfreecaTV for an awesome month-long contest.

From September 24 until November 6, SnackFever subscribers can livestream an unboxing of their September or October Box on their own AfreecaTV channel. Our favorite videos will be chosen by both AfreecaTV and Team SnackFever, and the grand prize will include a free flight to Korea!

So who is AfreecaTV? Just the largest video and live-streaming website in Korea — and now in America! You can watch streams of people playing games, showcasing the latest cosmetics, eating crazy amounts of food, or just hanging out!

You can check out Team SnackFever’s first mokbang video on the SnackFever channel! We are live every Tuesday evening, 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, so if you have any questions about this contest, feel free to tune in and ask us on chat!


Here’s how you can become an AfreecaTV broadcaster:

  1. If you aren’t a SnackFever subscriber already, SUBSCRIBE NOW for the October Box! (Theme will be announced soon!)
  2. Create an account at AfreecaTV
  3. Hold one live broadcast of your unboxing experience with either the September or October Box. You can make multiple broadcasts to practice, but only one broadcast will be entered into the contest.
  4. Hashtag the title of your broadcast with #LetsUnbox

Your video should be between 5 to 10 minutes long. The most fun, creative, and engaging videos will be considered!

The winner will be announced after the event has ended, and all winners will be notified through email.

And what will the winners receive?



1st Place Prize


1 plane ticket to Korea


A tour of AfreecaTV’s HQ in Korea

Be the star of a Mokbang broadcast, live from Seoul!


2nd Place (2 Winners)


AfreecaTV Swag Package (Arti pillow, T-shirt, hat)


3rd Place (5 Winners)

AfreecaTV T-shirt


Here’s how to get started as a broadcaster!

Broadcast with a PC/Mac computer

Broadcast with your mobile device (Google Play Store / Apple App Store)

If you have any questions, you can comment below!

Good luck, SnackFever Family! ?

Rules & Disclaimers:

This contest is only open to U.S.-based SnackFever subscribers to the September YG Collaboration Box or October Box. You can subscribe for the October Box at snackfever.com.

AfreecaTV broadcasters must be 13 years or older. Parents and/or guardians may help register for an account and participate in the broadcast.

Only one broadcast will be entered into the contest.