Celebrate The First Mukbang In Our New Office

#FlashbackFriday to partying with BTS — and a bunch of delicious food!

Just in case you missed our first Mukbang broadcast in our new office a couple of weeks ago, here’s a recap video of all of the highlights!

In honor of moving into our new space, the SnackFever Team filmed a Mukbang with plenty of traditional celebration food.

In Korean culture, these are all foods that are normally eaten during celebrations like weddings and birthdays!We also gave away lots of fun BTS swag in exchange for answers to trivia questions. Thank you to all you fans and A.R.M.Ys for participating!


Bossam (보쌈), steamed pork with steamed cabbage wrap


Look at that spread!


How to wrap it all together.


Rainbow rice cake/tteok (무지개 떡)


The camera doesn’t do the colors justice. This tteok is a multi-colored masterpiece.


Garlic fried chicken (마늘 치킨)


Jinwoo’s face says it all. SO good.


Different assortments of Jeon (전), including fried Korean pancakes, beef patties, fish, vegetables, and pepper


This jeon is so good, Min and James are enraptured by it, while Jinwoo’s buried his face in it.


Braised beef short ribs (갈비찜)




Check out our new pad…it’s a bit small, but still good. Yeah, still good.


We had so much fun, not just because the food was delicious, but also because we were happy to be able to move into a new office filled with so much love from you all.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in. We hope you’ll join us again at our AfreecaTV channel, every Tuesday evening at 6 PM PST! If you’re interested, here’s the full episode.