Healthy & Delicious: Just Keep Snacking With Seaweed

This isn’t our eomma’s seaweed.

by James Bbang 🍞

You may be asking yourself, seaweed for snacks? That sounds…and smells…kind of ocean-y. 

The scent of the ocean may have turned you off from seaweed snacks and dishes in the past. But in recent years, seaweed has been garnering a reputation as a superfood, as it’s chock-full of vitamins and other essential nutrients like protein, calcium, and iron.

Seaweed snacks are also taking huge strides in the “delicious” department, too, as our November Box subscribers will find out in a few weeks! We’ve partnered with Annie Chun’s to bring you their new oven-baked Seaweed Crisps. Don’t let the words vegan and gluten-free scare you — these are setting a new standard for delicious and healthy snacks.


As you can see above, it’s not just seaweed you’re biting into — the seaweed is baked with a layer of a light but crunchy brown rice chips that gives the crisp a more satisfying bite.

And for variety, the latest line of flavors complement the seaweed flavor! Check them out below.


Original Seaweed

Toasted sesame with a hint of salt and the sea. Can’t go wrong with the classic!




Gochujang (Traditional Korean hot sauce)

Here’s our very own Hotward enjoying the crisps with a kick! Get ready for a pleasant heat with a deep flavor that lingers on your lips.



Korean Style BBQ

I was curious at first…and that curiosity was satisfied plenty! The seaweed tastes amazing with a sweet and smoky flavor profile.


Howard wants to try the KBBQ crisps, too! But Jo doesn’t want to share:



We’re excited for you to try Annie Chun’s Seaweed Crisps in the November Box! Be sure to subscribe now!