Take A Sneak Peek Into The December Box!

Here’s an idea of the sweet K-snacks you’ll be getting in your December Box!

by Team SnackFever

Our December Box is as sweet as it gets! We’ve gathered some of the best and newest treats to share with you this winter.

The cold weather also means the chocolate won’t melt! ?

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Home Run Ball – Cream Cheese

Original and Deluxe Box


Step up to the plate and smack this one out of the park and into your mouth! The original chocolate Home Run Ball snack has a new teammate in cream cheese filling.


Crunky Bar


Have you ever had a chocolate bar that was so crunchy, it was crunky? You don’t need to take an exam to pass this bar!


Enfant Banana Milk


Yes, you read correctly — banana milk is BACK! And despite the name, it’s not just for babies.


ABC Chocolate Bits


Don’t just get points with your Scrabble pieces — eat them!


Amazing Bulgogi Cup Rice


The “amazing” isn’t just an adjective we slapped on. It’s really called Amazing Bulgogi Cup Rice, and those who’ve already tried it can vouch for its tastiness and easiness in preparation!


Water Jelly


This jelly may look clear, but it’s actually a splash of refreshing, delicious peach! This one’s served best chilled (like revenge…or not).


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