The Honey, Cheese, And Fire Box Combines All The Korean Food Trends

Honey, Cheese, and Fire Box

Our Honey, Cheese, and Fire Box is the sweatiest, sweetest SnackFever box you’ll every try.

by Team SnackFever


Honey, this might sound cheesy, but you’re the fire in my soul. ?

Our newest limited time box includes the top three current flavor trends in Korea, along with some of the most famous snacks representing each element!

Take a look at what’s our Honey, Cheese, and Fire Box:


The Honey




Honey Butter Chip

We finally have these in the U.S. after they blew up the Korean snack scene. You’ll never forget the taste of these potato chips after you’ve tried them!


Kakao Jelly-Ppo

Kakao Jelly

Okay, this isn’t really honey, but this jelly will help cool off your mouth after trying any of the spicy items below!


The Fire


Buldak Fire Ramen & Ramen Cups


Buldak Fire Ramen Noodles Cup

You’ve heard of the Fire Noodle Challenge – you’ll find plenty of these challenges in the box!


The Cheese & Fire



Cheesiness and spiciness go hand in hand! Try it for yourself with a BRAND NEW ramen noodle we’ve included in the box.

Cheese Buldak Fire Ramen

Cheese Buldak Fire Noodles Ramen

Savory and spicy are a flavor pairing Koreans love! Cheese makes the original Buldak Noodles somehow even better.



The Honey, Cheese, AND Fire


That feeling when “All of the above” is the correct answer. You know what we’re talking about. ?

Honey Cheese Jalapeño Noodles

Honey Cheese Jalapeno Ramen Noodles Cup

Yes, you heard that right! The Honey Cheese Jalapeno Noodles are another new arrival. These noodles, like the Buldak Fire Ramen, are soup-less, so be careful with the sauce’s potency – although the cheese might help you out a bit!

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