Blatantly Obvious Example of Product Placement On Kpop Star Season 6

Trevi Sparkling Water

Have you noticed it too? ?

by MC Josik ?

These days I’ve been hooked on one show – Kpop Star Season 6 – but I can’t help but notice the obvious product placement that comes with every episode. Perhaps, because I’m selling them ??? HERE -> SnackFever Beta Shop. It’s basically regular sparkling water and its name is Trevi – sounds Italian to me!

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the green bottle.

Obvious Trevi Sparkling Water

Well-placed and looking so natural. Maybe not. I haven’t seen JYP or YG drink it yet, though.

Trevi Sparkling Water

But the kids must hold and drink them! Not obvious at all.

Trevi Sparkling Water

OK, makes me want to drink it now.

Trevi Sparkling Water

They’re so clever. I must say, though, personally, I love sparkling water (I grew up in Spain and people there just drink sparkling water) and I really do love this Trevi sparkling water – totally not biased ?. You can find them here. They’re on sale ssshhhh.

By the way, are you watching this show? Who do you think is going to win it?