What’s In The SnackFever January Box?

What's In The January SnackFever Box?

We began 2017 with an awesome bang for your box! The SnackFever January Box was one of our most diverse selections yet.


by Team SnackFever

Take a look at what was inside the January Boxes!


Butter Coconut Biscuits
Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes
Need a companion for a cup of tea? These lightly-sweet biscuits are a longtime Korean snack favorite!


White Heim Hazelnut Cream Wafers 
Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes
Our favorite wafer cookies are back, now with a sweet hazelnut white cream filling!


Cereal Choco Bites
Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes
Calling all cereal killers! This one should be your next delicious victim.


“Free Time” Chocolate Bar
Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes
What’s the best way to pass your free time? Take a sweet and crunchy bite out of it!


Green Grape “Jadu” Candy
Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes
Korean green grapes are one of nature’s sweetest treats. Here’s the next best thing!


Oh Yes! Greek Yogurt Chocolate Cake
Original Box
Another reason to say, “Oh, yes!” with a mouthful of cake and a hint of yogurt.


Chicken Macho – Fantastic Wasabi
Original & Deluxe Boxes
Are you macho enough for a wasabi kick? Green chips never looked and tasted so fantastic.


Tteokkochi Chips 
Original & Deluxe Boxes
A Korean street food classic. Take a bite of the sweet, savory, and pleasantly spicy chips!


Pororo Strawberry Drink
Original & Deluxe Boxes
Take a swig of one of Pororo’s favorite fruit drinks!



Jin Jjamppong (Spicy Seafood Noodles)
Original & Deluxe Boxes
In the cold winter, a bowl of hot, steaming, spicy seafood soup makes things just right!


After you’ve finished the noodles, you can enjoy the rest of the leftover broth by heating up the Ottogi Rice Cup (below) and adding it to the soup. It’s like a second course!

Ottogi Instant Rice
Deluxe Box
You can never have enough rice. You’ll only need a couple of minutes for this cup!

Tempura Udon Cup
Deluxe Box
Switch up your hot noodle flavor profile with a soy sauce-based soup!




Maple Walnut Puffs
Deluxe Box
These might be the biggest puff chips you’ve ever seen with a syrupy and nutty flavor.


Naked Roasted Seaweed Snack
Deluxe Box
Seaweed is the superfood that doubles as a snack! Have it by itself, or with a bite of rice.

naked-roasted-seaweed snack

Baked Cheese Potato Gratin Chips
Deluxe Box
Snackified comfort food is everything. Well, not the real thing, but these chips are a healthy alternative to the fried cheesy type.