Super Sweet Park Bo Gum Confesses His Love In This Full-Of-Aegyo Ghana Chocolate CF

Super sweet full-of-aegyo actor Park Bo Gum confesses his love in this new CF for Ghana Chocolate 🍫 (which you can find in our shop^^).

The actor took on a role of a guy who’s had a crush on a girl for 3 years. He follows her everywhere, takes care of her and even takes her home after receiving drunk texts (OMG). At the end, he finally, after 3 years (!!), confesses his love for her and gets to hold her hand with a Ghana Chocolate Bar (ㅋㅋㅋ).

Koreans come up with the cheesiest ads (but I bet they are effective AF)!

by MC Josik 😎

I prefer the red Ghana Milk Chocolate 🍫🍫, tho.