Misugaru ‘Diet Desserts’ Will Keep You Healthy AND Happy

Misugaru Diet Food

Misugaru wants YOU to have fun while dieting! Who knew that a popular Korean diet food could yield such delicious desserts?

by Cari Kamja ?

Misugaru is seriously underrated, in my opinion. Not only does this magical powder taste delicious, it’s actually good for you!

Misugaru is a fine powder made by mixing at least seven types of grains together. This means that misugaru is crazy high in protein, calcium, fiber, and a ton of other vitamins, while also being pretty low in calories. It is most popular served simply mixed with soy milk, and it’s probably something your bias sips on a daily basis when trying to keep their figure in a healthy way.

You’d never guess by the looks of these desserts, that misugaru is actually a popular diet food. ?

1. Rice and Misugaru Ice Cream

2. Misugaru Bingsu (Shaved Snow)

3. Raindrop Cake with Misugaru

Tried the new mango raindrop cake with condensed milk and mochi???

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4. Misugaru Cappuccino (with Pop Rocks on Top <3)

5. Misugaru LAVA CAKE

6. Cereal (Misugaru) Latte 

7. More Misugaru Bingsu because YUM

8. Misugaru and Red Bean Macarons

9. Misugaru, Banana, Chocolate Shake

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10. Fancy-Shmancy Misugaru Soufflé!

While these desserts all look ridiculously yummy, a classic iced misugaru latte is fabulous all by itself.

Here’s how to make your own:

1) Take two tablespoons of misugaru and add it to a glass.
2) Slowly add milk (soy milk is great!) while stirring.
3) Continue to mix until the powder is dissolved (keep adding milk to taste, some people like less, some like more!).
4) For extra sweetness, try adding honey!

Have any of you tried misugaru yet? What did you think!?