Sneak Peek: What’s In The SnackFever February Box? Part 1

SnackFever February Box - Swag

What swag will you be getting in the SnackFever February Box? ?

by Team SnackFever

It’s not just the snacks we’re excited to share with you for the SnackFever February Box (although they’re pretty awesome, too!). We’ve brought over some awesome swag items from Korea to share with you in the Original and Deluxe Boxes.

Take a look!


Original Box: Song Joong-ki Daily Face Mask

Who’s that looking back at you so sweetly? It’s none other than the ultra-handsome Song Joong-ki, of course!

mask (1)

All Original Box subscribers will be receiving one face mask featuring the Descendants of the Sun star. Each face mask is different, featuring one day of the week and a different skincare treatment!


Deluxe Box: Animal Hand Creams from Daycell

Meet the sweetest-smelling critters from Korea!

creambox (1)

From left to right:

Kiki (키키) the kitty, whose meows are full of love!  ?

Wawa (와와) the lucky panda!

Dondon (돈돈), the pig who’s always got money on their mind! You could say it’s their number won priority…

All Deluxe Box subscribers will be receiving one of these cute animal hand creams in their February Box.

Look forward to our snacks sneak peek, coming soon! ?

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