What’s In The SnackFever March Box?

Take a look at the delicious goodies in the SnackFever March Box!

by Team SnackFever

The March 2017 SnackFever Box was filled with a plethora of decadent snacks & Kakao friends swag!

You have a friend in me and the March Box! Original subscribers each received a Genuine Kakao Friends Sticker Sheet to accompany all of your daily essential items, and Deluxe subscribers received a Genuine BIG Point Sticker of a Kakao Friend (along with a sticker sheet!) that’s squishy to the touch!

And now for the snacks…where do we begin?

You’ll find a lot of new k-snacks in your March Box that’ll knock your socks off! These amazing treats were collected and curated into the March Box by the smoldering Hotward of the SnackFever Team! Take a look at the full lineup below! If you were a subscriber, let us know which ones where your favorites! ?

Ppushu Ppushu (Honey Butter)

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes

A ramyun that you can eat without cooking?! That’s what Ppushu Ppushu is! A fun, classic Korean snack that you break apart and mix with the tasty powder inside to experience a combination of entertainment and tastiness. Available in the March box in the famed Honey Butter flavor, you’re sure to get a kick out of this!


Chocopie Strawberry

Mini, Original

You thought you knew chocopies, but you never expected this: strawberry-filled chocopies. Everything there is to love about these delectable little treats just got even better. Biting into these sweet morsels is bound to make you berry happy.


Buldak Tteokbokki Chip

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes

Buldak, the international ramyun phenomenon, is now available in chip form! These chips taste amazing as they have just the right amount of spicy-sweet taste imbued into them! If you’ve tried the Buldak ramen, you probably drunk a gallon of milk afterward, but don’t let that stop you from trying these! Go for it, or are you too… chicken?



Kakao Friends Jellyppo

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes

Kakao Friends Jellyppo will keep you company as you k-snack! These friendly mascots all have hilarious face expressions that will leave you smiling as you enjoy the mouth-watering, juicy jelly!



Suave Romantic Raspberry

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes


Y’all thought you were smooth until you tried Suave Cookie. Suave Romantic Raspberry will take you to a rose garden and gently caress your hair whilst whispering sweet Korean pickup lines into your ear. Then you’ll wake up to realize that you’ve just tasted one of the most delicious Korean pastries ever created.


Ottogi Broccoli Soup

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes


The weather forecaster said that Spring is here, but you’re still cold. It’s so cold that you don’t want to leave your home, but then you realize that you have a pack of Ottogi Broccoli Soup waiting for you in the kitchen! Easy to prepare and leaving your mouth with a warm, hearty taste, this convenient soup will help you last through the last days (weeks?) of winter!

Oh no! The directions are in Korean! One day, you will be able to read & speak Korean so long as the effort is put in for it, but for now, here’s an English translation of the prep directions for you:

  1. Pour the Cup Soup Broccoli Cream packet into your cup or bowl!
  2. Pour 3/4 cup (150 ml) of boiling water and mix! After mixing, please let the soup sit for 1 minute before helping yourself 🙂


Hot Six

Original & Deluxe Box

I’m so hot! Hot damn! This amazing new energy drink doesn’t taste like your typical American overbearing concoction of caffeine! Hot Six will leave you inspired & energetic until you finish whatever needs to get done. Or you can kick back in your lounging chair and enjoy a gentle fidget until it wears off~


Cheese Buldak Ramyun

Original & Deluxe Box

Are you that friend who enjoys putting Cheese on everything? Well then, you’re in luck, because Cheese Buldak is made for a spectacular human such as yourself. With the savory softness of cheese caressing your mouth as the Buldak’s flame simmers, you’ll realize why Korean food is taking the world by storm!


ChamMini Cheese Cracker

Original & Deluxe Box

For those moments where cheez-its don’t cut it, a pack of ChamMini Cheese Crackers will take you to a moon made of cheese and back. Don’t let the docile packaging fool you! These little crunchies come packed with a flavor you’d look for in a cheese cracker!


Coffee Mix Packet (JayOne)

Original & Deluxe Box

It’s morning and you stayed up late re-watching Goblin for the 15th time… You walk into your kitchen and prepare an Instant Coffee Packet and your world comes back to life! It’s like someone blew out a candle and summoned you into existence again to take on the world.


Instant Rice (Kimchi & Tuna)

Deluxe Box

A classic Korean comfort food, this Instant Rice with Kimchi & Tuna will leave you full, satisfied, and greeting the next person you meet with an incredibly pleasant expression on your face. They’ll wonder how you look so content, but they’ll never know… unless you share your secret with them.


Vegetable Tuna

Deluxe Box

Need some more protein with that Instant Rice (Kimchi & Tuna)? We’ve got you. Pop this bad boy open and upgrade your already amazing snack-meal!


17mate & Lemon Tea

Deluxe Box

You’re looking for a nice, cold refreshment but remember that you’ve been trying to lay off of soda. Oh wait, remember that 17mate & Lemon Tea in your March Box? Perfect when chilled, this refresher is bound to leave you satisfied & feeling better about yourself.



Deluxe Box

With the grooviest packaging you’ve ever seen, Cornbba is an amazing puff snack with… frosting on it?! Lined with a beautiful layer of deliciousness on top of it like a donut bar, this snack is sure to surprise you as your inner funk king/queen is summoned after one bite of this delicious new snack!



Which snacks did you enjoy in March? Let us know in the comments below! You can also look for your favorites to purchase individually at the SnackFever Shop Beta!