Flavor of the Week: Vita500


C You C Me! C Vita500 Every Day!

by: RoyalCha

This week we’re going to put some pep into your daily cycle! Vita500 is a healthy antioxidant vitamin C drink for people’s active and vibrant lifestyle. It has been a no. 1 seller in Korea for over a decade. So that’s why we’re including them in our April Boxes ?.

This conveniently bottled drink is packed full of Vitamin C and B, and is caffeine-free, and contains no preservatives. Whether you need a morning spark, an afternoon jolt, or a late night zap, Vita500 is the drink for you!

Along with all the energy, Vita500 boosts immunity! It also helps with anti-aging, and supports quicker recovery.

The drink is sweet, but in a way that you can physically taste the energy you’re getting from the drink. It’s a taste that is versatile; something that kids, athletes, businessmen, parents–anyone would like!

It’s healthy, peppy, and tastes great! New to the USA, Vita500 currently comes in four flavors: Original, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, and Grape. All buyers of the SnackFever April Original and Deluxe Boxes will be getting their own bottle of Original flavor to try with their snacks! Coming soon to our beta shop!

Vita500 Blueberry Grape Original PassionFruit