What’s in the April Box?

Take a look at the delicious goodies in the SnackFever April Box!

by Team SnackFever

The April 2017 SnackFever Box was filled with a flurry of tasty new snacks and cherry blossom swag!


Experience tranquility under the Korean cherry blossoms! Original and Mini subscribers received a beautiful assortment of cherry blossom stickers to accompany their snacking experience, and Deluxe subscribers received an exclusive Korean Cherry Blossom hand cream (along with a sticker sheet!) to keep their hands smooth & beautiful. Let’s not forget to mention the super shiny SnackFever branded metal Korean chopsticks that also came in the Deluxe box 😉


And now for the snacks…where do we begin?

You’ll find a lot of new k-snacks in your April Box that’ll tantalize your taste buds! These amazing treats were collected and curated into the April Box by the smoldering Hotward of the SnackFever Team! Take a look at the full lineup below! If you were a subscriber, let us know which ones were your favorites! ?

Choco Pick

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes


If you love dunking your snacks into dips & nutella, then Choco Pick should be your first pick! With an adorable packaging of Shinchan, you’re bound to fall in love with this one.


Frozen Treat ChocoKit 

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes


Big fan of DIY activities? This k-snack doubles as a DIY and as a delicious chocolate snack that you can make & freeze. This ChocoKit is sure to be a choco-hit!

Grand Swell Apple

Mini & Original Boxes 


An apple a day keeps the impending-doom-of-life’s-responsibilities away for a few moments! Treat yourself to this decadent apple flavored pastry included in our mini & original boxes only!

White Cookie Pepero

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes


Pepero smothered in white chocolate and cookie bits – the perfect recipe for the perfect individual (that’s you). This biscuit treat tastes so amazing that it’ll have you saying peper-OHHHHHHH.

Alpha Gum

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes


Feel like you’re #1? Whether you want to or already are, this gum will help you obtain the perfect combination of sweetness and mint to chew on and maintain a refreshing breath that will help others understand who’s exactly in charge.


Paldo Cheese Ramyun

Original, & Deluxe Boxes

cheese ramyun

Ramyun?! CHEESE?! WHAT?! Possibly one of the most delicious take-home-and-cook ramyuns on the Korean market! Treat yourself to this warm meal, you beautiful person. Am I being too cheesy?

Crayon Shinchan

Original & Deluxe Box


Delicious honey flavored Shinchan cracker rings for you to munch on! Flavored with honey extracted from Korea, this snack is a team favorite!

Hangover Coffee

Original & Deluxe Box


Maybe you had a bit too much “clink clink” last night and need a pick-me-up. Or maybe you’re just not a morning person like me. Either way, this Hangover Coffee will give you the energy to push forward for another day!


Banana Chocopie

Original & Deluxe Box


I’m going bananas for these chocopies… they taste amazing and go great with your favorite tea or coffee! The mood booster you’ve been looking for.



Original & Deluxe Boxes


Who said tasty and healthy don’t go well together? Vita500 is one of Korea’s most popular beverages! Not only does it have a crisp, refreshing taste to it, it also comes packed with Vitamin C to help protect your immune system from all the microscopic baddies! Vitamin C is Spanish for Vitamin YES! (lol jk :3)


Enfant Strawberry Milk

Deluxe Box

strawberry milk

Got milk? How about strawberries? Stick this one in the fridge and take great gulps from it after a nice, refreshing shower!

Kancho Cup

Deluxe Box


A Korean classic now availabel in a cup with more quantity o___o!!! Kancho see the difference?


Banana Milk

Deluxe Box

banana milk

Liked the Strawberry Milk? This one’s just as great – perfect after a refreshing shower, exercise, or even whilst chilling in the jacuzzi.


Samyang Cup Ramyun 

Deluxe Box

samyang noodle

It’s 1 p.m. and you’re hungry. You forgot your wallet in your friend’s car, and you’re too famished to go and retrieve it right away. SAMYANG CUP RAMYUN TO THE RESCUE! Ready to eat in just a couple minutes, this Cup Ramyun will be the light meal you need to continue your journey into the infinite beyond.



Rice Teokbokki

Deluxe Box


Teokbokki: one of Korea’s famous street foods, now in chip form! Crunch and munch on these delicious morsels! Jump for joy! Life is good~

Cotton Candy Gum 

Deluxe Box

cotton candy

I love cotton candy! Wait… this cotton candy is… gum?! That’s right! Your mom always told you not to swallow your gum, but you can go ahead and tell her that this one’s okay to ingest! Enjoy the best of both worlds and indulge in a new form of rebellion!