10 Restaurants/Cafes Owned by Idols & Their Family Members

Monsta X Wonho Cafe Momo

What would you do if you saw your bias? 

by CarinneJ

K-pop fans are always looking for new ways to potentially spot their bias in public. A good place to start looking is at a restaurant or café owned by your faves, or a member of their family.

  1. And Here (앤드히어 카페) – Big Bang Seungri

Big Bang’s Seungri owns this coffee and dessert café that specializes in their Belgium waffle with different toppings such as ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and more.

  1. CHAN by Hikoco (찬바이히코코) – EXO Chanyeol’s Father

This creative eatery owned by EXO Chanyeol’s father is a burger joint by day, and a performance café by night. Two popular menu items among fans are the “Chan” burger and the “Yeol” burger.

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  1. KAMONG ESPRESSO (카몽) – EXO Kai’s Sister

KAMONG ESPRESSO was built by EXO’s Kai for his sister. The name comes from Kai, his first name, and Monggu, Kai’s dog.

  1. MoMo Coffee (모모 커피) – Monsta X Wonho’s Mother

Monsta X’s Wonho’s mother opened a café last year, and MONBEBEs were excited to go and support Wonho and his family. Fans feel as though Wonho himself is greeting them at the door with his self-written menu. Make sure to bring a little gift for Wonho too! His mom is known to put them on display around the shop ?.

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  1. Caffé Soo ( 카페 수) – Miss A’s Suzy

Former Miss A member Suzy took her business south of Seoul and opened Caffé Soo in Gwangju. The café is a haven for Suzy fans, as it is covered in everything Suzy. Even the coffee cups have Suzy’s face on them.

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  1. Café Dudart with AOMG (카페두다트) – AOMG Jay Park

AOMG partnered with the café chain, Café Dudart, to open the AOMG version of the coffee shop/bakery. This particular location in Seoul is filled with AOMG artwork and a special AOMG menu. The café is a chill spot for any AOMG fans that want hang out and enjoy some delicious baked goods and coffee.

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  1. Café Aewol Monsant (몽상드애월) – BIG BANG G-Dragon

If you ever find yourself in Jeju, G-Dragon’s Café Aewol Monstant is an excellent location to enjoy an island sunset with a cup of coffee.

  1. (비바폴로) = EXO Chanyeol’s Mother

In the mood for Italian while in Korea? This Italian bistro is owned by EXO Chanyeol’s mother. That’s right! Both of Chanyeol’s parents own restaurants in the Seoul area. Lucky Chanyeol fans have double the chance of seeing this EXO member out and about. There is also plenty of Chanyeol to see in the restaurant while eating your meal.

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  1. B’Chill Café – Got7 BamBam

Ahgases have been anticipating the opening of BamBam’s family café. The opening took place on May 12th, and BamBam was there serving some overjoyed Ahgases ice cream and beverages.

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  1. Buldaak (불닭발막창) – Ikon B.I’s Uncle

Ikon fans went crazy over several posts about Ikon’s B.I. waiting on fans at his uncle’s chicken restaurant in December of last year. There were a few fan encounters and videos posted of B.I. preparing and serving the “B.I. Set” to excited fangirls.

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Good food AND a chance to casually bump into a member of my favorite group?? Sign me up for the next flight to Seoul! I’ll make sure to take some snacks from my SnackFever box to hold me over on the flight ?.