Patbingsu: a Song of Ice and Red Bean


Or, as I like to call it, POPPINGbingsu; because this dessert is POPPING!

by RoyalCha

Though it may seem a little too early to be talking about icy desserts, the SnackFever team is located in K-Town, LA, and it’s already heating up to be a sweltering summer!

So what exactly is patbingsu? Well, first we need to take apart the word. Bingsu (빙수) itself means “shaved ice.” Traditionally, this dessert was served with red bean paste, and that’s where we get “pat” (팟), which means “red bean.”

Patbingsu can be traced back all the way to the Joseon Dynasty with traditional ingredients like tteok (rice cake) and misugaru (grain powder). As time passed, newer and more interesting ingredients were added to the shaved ice. During the Korean War, foreign influence brought in toppings such as fruit cocktail, ice cream, cereals, and syrups. A lot of the variety we have with bingsu now are because of these inclusions!

Let’s explore some of the best and tastiest toppings on patbingsu!

Red bean paste, of course.

Feel fresh with some fresh cut fruits!


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Got some cereal leftover at the bottom of the box? Pour it on top of your homemade patbingsu!

For a more traditional effect, try adding misugaru, or other types of ground nut powder!

Tteok is your best friend and goes well with any combination of toppings!

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Matcha. Matcha everything. Matcha ice cream. Matcha powder. Pour it all on there.

Various cookies, snacks, and candies!

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So, ready to build your own patbingsu? SnackFever has your back! Try crumbling up some Chic Choc Cookie to add a chocolate crunch! Drop in chunks of Ghana Chocolate Bars for a frozen choco treat. Oat Cereal is a great addition if you want that sweet cereal crispiness on top! For an elegant effect, simply add a Couque D’asse cookie at the end for a sophisticated finish. If nothing fits your tastes, there’s nothing wrong with having a good ol’ traditional shaved ice with just red bean paste to top you off.