10 Korean Doshirak You’ll Wish You Had Growing Up


Never be a plain Jane for lunch time! Try making a doshirak of your own!

by HannahC

In Korea, lunch boxes are called doshirak. They are generally homemade, and are filled with rice and various banchan, or side dishes. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also the prettiest lunches!

Here are ten of the most beautiful doshirak lunches that’ll make you want to go back to grade school — if only to bust out one of these bad boys at lunch.

1. Those bright pinks! Those vibrant greens!

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2. That bap is so fluffy, I could take a nap on it.

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3. I would set up an entire photoshoot for this one.

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4. Doshirak doesn’t discriminate against fruits!

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5. These are almost too pretty to eat.

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6. Fill up your box with kimbap!

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7. Look at those adorable food faces! Having one of these would definitely make you the coolest.

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8. Compartments help separate your foods — in this case, the tuna kimbap from the fresh grapes!

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9. So many options in one lunch box!

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10. A beautiful, traditional doshirak.

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What do you think? Would you trade up your brown paper bag or reusable lunch box for a doshirak? Let us know in the comments below, and why not check out our new Doshirak Box?

Featured Image Source: Pinterest