The Doshirak Box: What Can You Expect?

Doshirak Box Samples

You might have noticed our new box! Here’s what you can expect.

by RoyalCha

New to our SnackFever arsenal this month is the Doshirak Box! We already went over a brief history and background of what exactly doshirak are and just how creative some people get with what they put inside, but now I’m here to introduce our bammin’ slammin’ new box itself!

Doshirak Box Launch

Our Doshirak Box will feature different easy prep Korean foods or ingredients that can be used to easily make Korean meals yourself! Don’t have time for breakfast? Pop an instant cup of soup into the microwave! Friends coming over for a surprise dinner? Whip up some curry in just minutes! Going on a picnic date with your newest crush? Create your own cute kimbap with ingredients from your Doshirak Box! From microwavable rice, to tasty sauces and seasonings for your meats and entrees, we aim to provide a handy and helpful experience to what can sometimes be a hectic and rushed meal time.

Doshirak Box Items

This month’s box is in partnership with our good friends at Ottogi! Established in 1969, Ottogi excels at creating the perfect harmony between high quality food and convenience. Go to any Korean grocery market, and you’ll be able to spot Ottogi products right away from their bright yellow packaging. Ottogi makes a wide variety of food like instant noodles, curry, canned tuna, and sauces like ketchup and vinegar.

My personal favorite is any of the instant porridge that Ottogi has.

Ottogi Rice Porridge

These convenient cups are so easy to make! Just pop them into the microwave for about 2 minutes, take out, and serve! When I was in college and didn’t have mom around to make me soup when I was sick, this instant porridge was the perfect substitute.

And that’s just one of Ottogi’s many great products! I won’t spoil the box for you, but it’s definitely going to be great for those of you who are too busy to cook or are just not culinarily inclined, like me. To get your own box of delicious convenience every month, make sure to subscribe to our new Doshirak Box!