The RamyunFever Box: What Can You Expect?

Types of Instant Ramyun

A closer look at our new box: RamyunFever!

by RoyalCha

Another new addition to our SnackFever family this month is RamyunFever! The soupy sister to the Doshirak Box, RamyunFever will feature 7-10 delicious packs of instant noodles that’ll be sure to keep you warm and satiated.

RamyunFever Launch

Originally from China, ramen has evolved and changed to become what most people know it as today; packaged, instant, and convenient. Though there are still many restaurants that make traditional ramen noodles and broth that don’t come in a package, it’s pretty obvious that most people associate the term “ramen” with college living and a 3-minute-boil satisfaction.

Different Ramyun

Why “ramyun”? Simply put, it’s the Korean pronunciation and romanization of the word. After so many years of ramyun development, Korea has become one of the leading producers of instant noodles worldwide!

And we know how to get creative with it, too! Here’s a look at some of our favorite ramyun collabs:

Cheese Ramyun

Mandu (dumpling) Ramyun

Ham (overarching term for ham/spam/sausage) Ramyun

Tteok (ricecake) Ramyun

Or you can just mix all the toppings together and make a bomb mix like the Mark Meal!

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So when you get your RamyunFever box, get creative with it! Nothing against just eating the ramyun plainly as it comes (it’ll still be delicious!), but why not try adding a slice of cheese to the top, or cracking an egg over it? Just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Make sure to grab your own RamyunFever Box, and start using your noodle to think of creative noodle dishes!