What’s In The Doshirak Box? And What Can You Do With It?

Doshirak Box Items

A handy helper guide to your new Doshirak Box!

by RoyalCha

Either you’ve received your new box of joy in the mail already, or it’s on its way to your open arms as we speak. Whichever it is, you’re sure to be overwhelmed when you open up that Doshirak Box! If you find yourself asking “What do I do with this?” over the items included, don’t worry! Your SnackFever fam has your back!

Ottogi Tuna PorridgeOttogi Rice Cake SoupOttogi Instant Miso Soup

First let’s talk about the big hearty stuff; Ottogi Tuna Porridge, Rice Cake Soup, and Instant Miso Soup. These are all great to eat alone! To add a little more zest though, try adding some simple-to-cook garnish like eggs or tofu, or even simpler additions like crumbled up dried seaweed or chopped green onions!

Ottogi Rice

Next up we’ve got the cornerstone of every Korean meal: RICE! Your Doshirak box comes with microwavable Ottogi Rice, and the floor is yours for what to do with it! We’ve add some special sauces to adorn your rice with.

Ottogi BibimjangOttogi JjajangOttogi Curry

Ottogi Bibimjang, Curry, and Jjajang are all great to mix in with rice. Curry and jjajang are fine to eat with it alone, but Bibimjang is more of a sauce that you’d mix with some veggies, meats, or other additions you like on your rice (think bibimBAP). Various veggies, meats, and other proteins go great with curry and jjajang as well!

Ottogi Mild Tuna Ottogi Vegetable Tuna

Ottogi Veggie Tuna and Mild Tuna are great alone as side dishes, but also great to mix or fry up with some rice and eggs! A quick and hearty meal is easy to make with these two tunas. I also like adding crumbled dried seaweed and kimchi to these combos!

Of course you’re free to do whatever you’d like with your Doshirak items! Personally I like whipping up a good ol’ bowl of kimchi fried rice with tuna and whatever I have on hand. Be sure to check out our Doshirak Facebook for some helpful videos on the suggestions mentioned in this post!

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