Snack Backpack? Snackpack!

It’s a snackpack back attack!

by RoyalCha

Snack backpacks are definitely not new. Kids in Korea have been getting these edible accessories for graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries for years!

The concept is simple; get some snacks, stick them together (via glue, tape, string, staples, etc), and wear them on the go!

Some creations are basic lumps with straps attached to them.

Basic Snackpack

Sometimes it’s easier to start with an XXL sized snack box or tub!

Snackpack Made Of Only Pepero Boxes

Others go out of their way to really emulate that backpack design, complete with bottle pockets and an interior that you can actually fill with more snacks!

Snackpack For Advanced Users

Snackpacks are great gifts to give; they show that you actually put in time and effort into the gift, rather than just simply buying something. It would be fun to try to piece together your friend’s favorite snacks into a wearable ensemble!

Happy Graduation Snackpacks

Some of our favorite K-celebs were getting in on the trend too! Here are Girl’s Day’s Minah and Apink’s Eunji with their very own snackpacks!

Girls Day Minah Snackpack

APINK Eunji Snackpack

Of course the SnackFever team had to try our hand at making our very own snackpack!


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Featured & Additional Images Source: GreedEat