July’s DoshirakFever Box!

Ready to go on a picnic?

July’s Doshirak Box has all the ingredients you need to make the coolest, yummiest lunch box. Let’s explore what’s in the box!


Cooked Rice


When it comes to Korean food we can’t forget rice! Pop it into the microwave for a few minutes and out comes a fresh hot bowl of rice. There’s numerous ways to eat your rice but we’ve included some ingredients to help you make some tasty dishes.

Rice Seasoning Mix (Vegetable)


Want to add more flavor to your rice? We’ve got your back! The Doshirak Box includes a vegetable seasoning mix to help you spice up your plain rice to dank rice. Just add and mix into your cooked rice and you’re ready to go!

Alaska Salmon


Salmon is a great side dish, but it also goes well as a filling for rice balls or mixed in bibimbap!

Roasted Seaweed


Seaweed is a necessity for making the best KIMBAP. Kimbap is very easy to make and you can put anything you like in it. We recommend eggs, carrots, radish, and some type of meat. To finish it off, wrap all the delicious ingredients with seaweed!

Sesame Oil


Open sesame! Sesame oil is the key ingredient to making almost all dishes. Use it for making bibimbap, kimbap, stews, and much much more. If you’re going to make a Korean dish, sesame oil is a MUST HAVE!


Bibigo Beef bone soup


This hearty soup is a dish that will warm your heart and satisfy your tummy. We recommend adding some chopped green onions, radish kimchi and rice to enrich the soup’s flavor.


Cooked White rice with Soft Tofu Stew (Soondubu)


Soondubu features soft, white tofu which complements its hot, spicy stew. The stew has a seafood and vegetable flavor that will make your tastebuds dance.

Sweet Korean Pancake Mix (Hotteok)


The best way to finish off any meal is with a delicious Korean dessert! Hotteok is a popular Korean street food that is made with soft, chewy dough and stuffed with sweet cinnamon filling. Delicious and easy to make!


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