July’s RamyunFever Box!!

July’s RamyunFever box features all kinds of new and unique noodlez!

From spicy to seafood, there’s a little bit of fun for everyone!


Samyang Korean Kimchi Flavor Noodle


This kimchi flavored ramen packs a punch! Be sure to add some cheese and an egg or two to complement these Z E S T Y noodles.


Samyang Bowl Noodle Soup Kimchi


This portable noodle soup was made possible through the cutting-edge technology that is a plastic box. Now you are allowed the savory and spicy goodness to travel with you wherever you go as long as there is a hot water nearby.


Hot & Spicy Korean Wheat Noodles (Udon)


This meal provides not one, but two ways to burn calories. After cooking your noodles and mixing in the soup, this hot & spicy meal will have you SWEATING.


Rice Noodles with Katsuo Flavored Soup



This rice noodle features a clean, filling broth that will make you feel like you did your body a flavor.


Chacharoni Chinese Soybean Paste Ramen


Sometimes you just get tired of noodle soups and want to try something different, right?! These dry noodles offer exactly that. If you wanna take it a step further, you can even stir-fry them!


Seafood Party Noodle Soup


“Who do you even know here?” Don’t worry, you’re all invited to the seafood party with this delicious noodle soup. Just make sure to RSVP!


Samyang Curry Chicken Flavor Ramen


Special guest star Curry makes an appearance in this Samyang chicken ramen. Its spicy savoriness is sure to leave you wanting more. Chef Curry with the pot, boy!


Samyang Spicy Seafood Ramen


Picture a battleship sailing through the seven seas. A manifestation of the power that is this noodle’s spiciness and yet its grace shines through in its alluring seafood flavor.


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