What’s in the July Box?


This past month, we celebrated SnackFever’s two-year anniversary with a box FULL of delicious snacks and swag. The monthly insert comes with facts to help familiarize you with Korean language and amazing drawings of Team SnackFever.

Not sure what’s in your box? We’ve got you covered.

Green Tea Oh Yes!
(Mini, Original, Deluxe)


These compact treats are so delicious they’ll have you saying, “Oh Yes!” Each bite of this little chocolate covered cake is decadent, giving you the perfect mix of chocolate, cake, and green tea crème filling!

Strawberry Lotte Sand Cookie
(Mini, Original, Deluxe)


Sweet! Not only are these cookies pretty to look at, but it’ll make your taste buds pretty happy. The delicious strawberry crème is sandwiched between two crunchy cookies, ensuring a satisfying bite every time!

 Buldak Hot Chicken Noodle Snack
(Mini, Original, Deluxe)


This snack provides not one, but two ways to burn calories. After crushing up your noodles and shaking up the power, this spicy snack will have you sweating, making it a guilt-free snack (or at the very least, lower guilt).

Apple Soda Candy
(Mini, Original, Deluxe)


Old wedding traditions say that the bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. While you might not be on the cusp of marriage, this blue package of candies will make you want to say, “I do!” These individually wrapped fizzy hard candies are perfect for storing in your bag, backpack, or even your pocket.

(Mini, Original, Deluxe)


Each metallic orange package comes with two Margaret cookies. These soft, buttery cookies are the closest to comforting homemade cookies you can find outside of your mom’s kitchen.

Balloon Flower Root/Chrysanthemum/Burdock Root Tea
(Mini, Original, Deluxe)


All these snacks are sure to make you thirsty! Each box comes with one of these three teas, each of which will complement your box of snacks perfectly.

(Original, Deluxe)


Bibimmyun is the flawless marriage between bibimbap and ramen. Follow the easy directions on the package and unlock a whole new world of fusion flavor. Gojuchang and ramen? Sign me UP.

Bba Sae
(Original, Deluxe)


Look no further for your next favorite salty, savory, and shrimpy snack! A delicious, crunchy snack for when you’ve had enough of the sweet stuff. So addicting that you’ll finish it before you know it.

Green Tea Latte Roly Poly
(Original, Deluxe)


Pull out this bad boy and you’ll have your friends green with envy. This flaky, sweet snack is filled with a delicious green tea icing. Perfect for eating alone or paired with a cup of coffee or tea!

2% Peach Drink
(Original, Deluxe)


This refreshing peach drink is sure to be the perfect, relaxing end to a hot summer day. Ready to enjoy by itself or paired with other snacks.

Ai Sher Sour Candy


An avid lover of the sour? These little candies are for you! Be sure not to eat these in public—it’s sure to get you to be pulling the strangest faces!

Beatles Candy


They say that the best things come in small packages. Small and sweet, these colorful little hard candies are sure to brighten up your day!

Chicken Macho Spicy Bulgogi


These crunchy puffs come with an addicting kick of spice, the kind that will have you reaching in the bag again and again until you’re grabbing at air, wishing that you had more.