August Doshirak Box Contents!!

Fam! Ready to SNACK2SCHOOL?!

August’s Doshirak Box has all the ingredients you need to make the coolest, yummiest lunch box.

Let’s explore what is in this month’s box!

Bibigo Kimchi Stew with Tofu (비비고 김치찌개)


Bibigo has made it super easy to cook Kimchi Stew at home. This savory soup is a staple in Korean cuisine that will warm your heart and satisfy your tummy. We recommend adding some chopped green onions, pork belly, tuna, ham and rice to enrich the stew’s flavor.

*Contains Fish (Anchovy, Soybean, Milk and Wheat

Cooked Rice (2 햇반)


When it comes to Korean food we can’t forget rice! Pop it into the microwave for a few minutes and out comes a fresh hot bowl of rice. There’s numerous ways to eat your rice but we’ve included some ingredients to help you make some tasty dishes!

Instant Curry Rice Cup (카레밥)


Perfect for school or work, this instant yellow curry rice cup is great for those always on the go but still want a tasty meal. The yellow curry sauce is creamy and hearty that goes hand-in-hand with white rice too.

*Contains Soybean, Milk, Coconut and Wheat

Rice Seasoning Mix (Cheese) (밥이랑 치즈)


Want to add more flavor to your rice? We’ve got your back! This month’s Doshirak Box includes a cheese seasoning mix to help you upgrade up your plain rice to dank rice. Just add and mix into your cooked rice and you’re ready to go!

*Contains Egg, Milk and Wheat

**Produced in a facility that also uses soy  and shrimp

3-Minute Kimchi Tuna Sauce (3 김치참치 덕밥소스)


Kimchi and tuna lovers rejoice! Ottogi’s spicy sauce with Kimchi and tuna is here to save your tummy from hunger. All you need is a microwave or boiling water to heat up the sauce and then add to rice; it’s that simple!

*Contains Fish (Tuna, Bonito), Shellfish (Mussel), Squid, Shrimp, Sesame and Soy

Sesame Tapioca Bread Mix (캐찰빵)


The best way to finish off any meal is with dessert! Sesame Tapioca Bread is a popular Korean pastry that is light and airy and very, very chewy. Delicious and easy to make!

*Contains Soybean and Wheat


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