August RamyunFever Box Contents!!

Hey SnackFever Fam!

Curious what is in this month’s delicious Ramyun Box?  These assorted ramen noodles will keep you happy as you get ready to go SNACK 2 SCHOOL.

Not sure what’s in your August box? We got you covered!

Sutah Noodle (수타면)


This spicy ramen is sure to fire up your tastebuds in an avalanche of flavor and spice. But don’t just eat this by itself! Be sure to add vegetables and some mushrooms to really bring out the flavor of the beef that this ramen provides.

*Contains cereals which contain gluten (wheat) and soybean.

Soon Veggie Noodle (순라면)


Meat isn’t your thing? Don’t worry, we got you covered! These veggie vegan noodles don’t need meat to still pack a strong punch of flavor.

*Contains wheat and soy

Spicy Stir-Fry Seafood Udon (볶음 너구리 우동)


Tired of soup but still need the sea? These spicy stir-fry noodles offer all the wonders of seafood without the soup! Experience the ocean on dry land. 

*Contains wheat, soy, fish (anchovy, bonito, pollock, tuna, bream), coconut, crab, & shrimp

“Cham” Big Bowl Ramen Cup (삼양라면 – 큰컵)


Need something a little more portable? This spicy ramen comes in a nice big cup where you can enjoy its savoriness on the go!  Its broth brings forth a texture filled with umami and spices!

*Contains wheat flour, soybean, soy, oyster, mollusk

Beef Flavored Ramen (쇠고기면)


Spicy meets beefy as the two sensations go head-to-head in a battle of flavor. While these flavors hit hard, they also serve to complement each other in this delectable ramen that only seeks to lift your soul into Ramen Nirvana.

*Contains cereals which contain gluten (wheat) and soybean

Chuckwagon Udon (포장마차우동)


If you are getting tired of ramen, we also have udon in our Ramyun Box! This seafood-flavored udon boasts soft noodles and a clear broth that is only accentuated with add-ons like eggs and your favorite veggies.

*Contains cereals which contain gluten (wheat), soybean, and fish (tuna & anchovy)

Clam Flavored Noodle (포장마차우동)


Clams are in, fam! These noodles bring the wonders of the Pacific ocean right to your home, highlighting the aroma of clams in its broth.

*Contains cereals which contains gluten (wheat), soybean, & fish (mussel, clam, anchovy, & tuna)

Honey Cheese Hot Big Bow (허니치즈 볶으면 – 큰컵)


If you have never thought of combining honey and cheese into your ramen, then now is your chance to try this combination of sweet and savory as these soupless noodles offer a variety of flavor that’s enough to make anyone wanting for more.

*Contains gluten, wheat flour

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