August SnackFever Box Contents!!



With summer almost coming to a close for some, we’ve put together boxes filled with snacks to help you get through the day and ace those exams. We’ve also included some Kakao Friends swag that’ll get you extra cool points among your friends! The Mini box will get the Kakao screen cleaner, the Original box will receive the awesome notebook pictured above & screen clean, & the Deluxe box will receive all of the mentioned items including the KakaoFriends pouch! Our monthly insert is dedicated to helping you study new Korean words and hopefully encourage you to take a break between all those long hours of studying ~

Not sure what’s in your August box? We got you covered!

Fresh Pie (Mini, Original, Deluxe) (후레시파이 2개)


Mini snacks are the way to go for anyone with a busy schedule! These fresh pies are filled with flavor and a perfect little bite for anyone.

* Contains wheat, milk, egg, soybean

Kassak (Mini, Original, Deluxe) (까삭)


Crispy cereal sticks are perfect for anything craving chocolate but looking for that extra crunch. Filled to the brim with chocolate insides, these sticks ensure a satisfying bite every time.

* Contains wheat, milk, egg, soybean

Koala’s March (Mini, Original, Deluxe) (코알라 마치 딸기)


Look at these cute koalas in this box! Don’t feel bad about eating them because with each piece, an explosion of strawberry creme will have your taste buds dancing with happiness.

*Contains milk, egg, wheat, soy

** May contain peanut and tree nut residues

Rice Cake Cookie (Mini, Original, Deluxe)


Hey lookie, it’s a cookie! OH HEY LOOK, it’s also filled with a sweet, chewy, rice cake filling~ definitely should enjoy this one with milk, tea, or coffee 🙂

Shin Ramyun (Original, Deluxe) (신라면)


Up your ramen game with this delicious packet of ramen in your box! It is super easy to make and will be something to fill you up as patiently wait for your next SnackFever box. 😉

* Contains wheat and soy

** Handled in a facility with fish, crustacean shellfish, and milk

Aloe Drink (Original, Deluxe) (알로에 드링크-14441)


Need a drink to cool you down as summer comes to a close? Look no further! This aloe drink is super refreshing and has a light taste for you to enjoy all year long.

Defcorn (Original, Deluxe) (데프콘)


A combination of sweet and spicy, these chips are a great blend of flavor! A great choice for those who can’t choose between eating something sweet and something spicy.

* Contains wheat, soybean

** Handled in a facility with peanuts, milk, treenuts (hazelnuts, walnuts)

Churroz (Deluxe) (츄럿)


Do you love churros but hate having to lug it around and deal with the mess? Well, you’re in luck with these Churroz! Small and compact and loaded with flavor, these are the perfect snack for churro lovers all around.

* Contains wheat, soybean

** Handled in a facility with peanuts, milk, treenuts (walnuts, hazelnuts)

Miso Soup with Snow Crab (Deluxe) (신송 홍게 된장국)


A soybean paste soup with snow crab to warm you up as you sit down and start studying this school year! Let this soup warm you up with its flavor and richness.

* Contains fish (anchovy), soybean, and wheat


Stone Age (Deluxe) (석기시대)


Don’t be fooled by the look of these misshapen candies! Each piece is packed with milk chocolate-y goodness and will be sure to have you smiling the entire time you’re eating them!

* Contains milk and soybeans


Wafers (Deluxe) (웨하스 치즈)


A childhood favorite of almost everyone out there, these wafers hold nostalgic significance in our Deluxe Box. Pop one in your mouth and taste the sweetness of each wafer with every bite.

* Contains wheat, milk, egg, soybean


Crunch Ball Crispy Candy (Deluxe) (알사탕)


Looking for something crunchy to snack on? Want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sans jelly and bread? This crunchy candy is great for you to get through the day and make your tummy happy.

* Contains peanut, milk


Get creative with your SnackFever Box items! We’d love to see your beautiful creations, so take pics of your box & SnackFever Box swag and tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Don’t forget to join us by becoming a subscriber, if you haven’t already, so that you can remain a part of the SnackFever fam forever! <3