September DoshirakFever Box Contents!!!

Curious what is in this month’s delicious DoshirakFever Box?  Check out what we included in the first box that’s STRAIGHT OUTTA KOREA!!

CJ Chilli Paste Veggie Bibimbab (CJ 컵반 고추장나물비빔밥)

Perfect meal for any days at work or school. You have all nutrients and savory sauce, plus a tip of Korean culture and tradition inside!






Cooked Rice – Small Size (CJ 햇반 작은공기 130g)

A day without rice is a day you’ve wasted. Rice will strengthen you and get you move through the day. Microwave for a few minutes, and you will have the perfect soul food in front of you!

Instruction: Peel the package just a little bit and microwave it for 1:30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on your microwave heat.




Stir-Fried Japchae (샘표 볶음잡채)

Korean traditional holiday food, Japchae, is usually known to be difficult to cook. Well, we got your back, so you don’t need to worry at all! Since we put everything inside with the easiest manual as same as cooking Ramyun!






1. Boil water and put a little bit of salt (if you prefer).

2. Put the noodle and (reddish looking packet – ingredients that were given to you) into the boiling water and let it boil for 5 minutes.

3. Remove water until you have around 10 big tablespoons of water left and put the rest of the sauce that was given to you and stir it.


Spicy Dukkbokki (Otaste 매운떡볶이 (소컵))

Ddukbokki (or Tteokbokki) has never been this easy to cook. Enjoy it with your friends for Spicy Food Challenge!

Note: Microwave it for 3 minutes to 3 minutes 30 seconds.





Rice Seasoning Mix Veggie (오뚜기 밥친구(야채))

A must-have item for making your own rice ball! The veggie seasoning mix helps you upgrade your everyday lunch box with more nutrients and flavor. Simply add and mix it into your cooked rice!





Beef Leg Bone Soup (Otaste 손맛 사골국)

Wanna taste Korean mama’s signature soup? This healthy beef bone soup will magically heal your body and soul with its richness.







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