September RamyunFever Box Contents!!

Hey SnackFever Fam!

Not sure what’s in your September RamyunFever box?  These assorted ramen noodles will keep you happy as you get ready for fall!

Curry Ramyun (오뚜기 카레라면)

If you need something a little more savory and yet spicy, our curry ramyun is guaranteed to leave you satisfied!

Note: No need to remove water





Jin – JJajang (오뚜기 진짜장)

This Chinese-Korean dish is making an appearance in this month’s box! Try our delicious black bean noodles that’ll have you salivating. 

Note: Remove water before putting the sauce!





Wasabi-Mayo Big Bowl (삼양 와사비마요 큰컵)

For those with adventurous taste buds, these dry wasabi mayo noodles pack a unique twist not found in your normal ramyun!

Note: Remove water before putting the sauce!





Hot Chicken Flavor Stew Ramyun (삼양 불닭볶음탕면)

This chicken stew will have you wanting seconds! This spicy ramyun is not for the faint of heart! Enjoy the zesty and savory ramyun with cheese and veggies!

Note: No Need to remove water!





Spicy Stir-Fry Seafood Ramyun (볶음 너구리면)

Stir-Fry is Best Fry! And to add to that, it’s spicy! What more can you ask for? This seafood ramyun is a must-have for your palate!

Note: Remove water before putting the sauce!





Seasoned Tuna for Ramyun – Cheese (동원라면참치(치즈))

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me… with this delicious tuna & cheese ramyun. It will have you Moana-ting more!

This is a sauce that you can put into any ramyun 🙂






Hot Ttoekbokki Ramyun (오뚜기 열떡볶이면)

Spicy rice cake? With ramen? SAY NO MORE. These Rabokki noodles combine the wonders of tteokbokki and ramen into a satisfying fusion of flavors and spices.

Note: Remove water before putting the sauce!









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