September SnackFever Box Contents!!

September x Electural Box Straight Outta Korea!

Straight Outta Korea!

Shipping from Korea has finally arrived- and with worldwide shipping! To celebrate, we partnered up with our friends at Electural to give you all a fun and memorable theme for September’s box – character!

Never heard of Electural? Electural is a creative studio that develops characters, conducts business licensing and creates character-related animations and diverse digital content.  Electural’s featured character, ThumThum, is a thumb-shaped baby-like character with a facial expression that always seems surprised, spiral-shaped hair (which are actually fingerprints) and is always pure, cheerful and full of energy.  This loveable character is now a part of September’s SnackFever Box as exclusive items.


Not sure what’s in your September box? We got you covered, Fam!


Soldier Charcoal Barbecue Flavor (쫄병 숯불 바베큐맛) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe)

This barbecue flavored snack comes in bite-sized form, certain to satisfy your appetite on the go!

*Contains Wheat, milk, soy, tomato, pork, and beef





Skinny Cacao Pepero (스키니 카카오 빼빼로) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe)

Pepero on a diet! This snack may be slimmer but that doesn’t mean it’s any less delicious!

*Contains wheat, milk, and soy





Sour Chewy Lemon Cola Flavor (신쫄이레몬콜라) – (Mini, Deluxe)

Think Sour Belts, but better! This lemon cola flavor will definitely knock your socks off with its sour intensity!






Mystery Item) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe)







Potato Waffle Snack – 2x  (감자의 품격) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe)

Combining potatoes and waffles into this glorious snack, this addictive treat is a must-have for any snacking occasion.

* Contains soy and milk





Doraemon Churros (도라에몽 츄러스) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe) 

Pack these sweet Doraemon churros for a nice snack wherever you go and enjoy the cinnamon flavor and sweet filling inside!

*Contains wheat, milk, and soy





Glutton Larvae Cookie (먹보 라바 쿠키) – (Deluxe)

Don’t let the name scare you! Named after a Korean kids’ fairy tale, they’re adorably small cheese flavored cookies full of vitamins and calcium!

*Contains wheat, egg, milk, soy, and peanut




Berry Berry Tong Tong Chewing Gum (베리베리 통통) – (Original, Deluxe)

No box is complete without some chewing gum! Make sure to have these on you at all times and feel the refreshment of strawberries!





King Gorehbab Stir-Fry Seasoned Flavor (왕고래밥 볶음양념맛) – (Original, Deluxe)

These chips are definitely what you need, crispy and savory. They are even seafood-shaped!

* Contains wheat, milk, soy, tomato, squid, beef, egg, pork, and clams





Squeeze Me Gum Sour Fruits Flavor-Tube type (쭈욱짜봐 짱셔맛짱구캐릭터) – (Deluxe)

Eat these snacks like you would squeeze toothpaste, but instead of hygienic minty paste, you’re squeezing a fruity sour snack!







Qoo Jelly Beverage Grape Flavor  (쿠우젤리포도) – (Deluxe)

These adorable jelly drinks are exclusive to the Deluxe boxes this month! It is extraordinarily squishy and juicy beverage. Sometimes you need to switch your drink up and this is the perfect drink for that.





Kancho Strawberry Flavor (롯데제과 칸쵸 딸기 요거트맛) – (Deluxe)

Inside each of these snacks lies a delicious strawberry yogurt cream filling waiting just for you!

*Contains Wheat, Milk, and Soy





Watta Gum Cola Flavor (롯데 왓따껌콜라) – (Deluxe)

Experience the fizzy cola flavor in this exciting new chewing gum!






Pororo Kids’ Milk (뽀로로 아이밀크) – (Deluxe)

Get your calcium with these milk-flavored jellies! Portable, healthy and easy to eat!







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