Congratulations, Spigen Style Ring Winners!

Congrats to our first Deluxe Box subscribers!

If you were among the first to jump aboard the Deluxe Box boat, you will be receiving a FREE Spigen Style Ring (with a dash of SnackFever, of course!) in your box this month! 😎

Check it out:



Spigen is a good friend of ours!

They are another company based in Southern California that produces high-quality accessories for smartphones and other mobile devices. Their Style Rings are awesome — each member of Team SnackFever rocks the ring on their phones, so join us in being cool!

As another gift to the SnackFever family, Spigen has provided a 30% discount code for their website, with code SNACK30. Take a look at all of the stylish and useful cases and accessories they offer!

Without further ado, here is the list of winners. For the sake of privacy, we have only provided the first name and only the first letter of surnames. If you aren’t sure, feel free to check with us at, or wait on your box for a surprise! 😃

Ellie G.

Jeanne H.

Tyra J.

Randy C.

Lianne H.

Debi P.

Brittni O.

Denny F.

Julie T.

Kristin M.

Sarah P.

Bethany J.

Jennifer N.

Matthew S.

Wilma D.

Elizabeth S.

Melanie T.

Myrna C.

Carrie B.

Jacky C.

Kristein G.

Laura Z.

Renee S.

Amy S.

Kimmi T.

Shaniece W.

Brenna K.

Jen R.

Thieu H.

Jasmine S.

Melissa F.

Tokqueen K.

Paula P.

Eric N.

Robin B.

Leah J.

Ronda P.

Cynthia M.

LaToya J.

Stephanie V.

Juan H.

Susanna P.

Brandon C.

Brittany C.

Carlos M.

Ebony R.

Tiffany B.

Martha A.

SaMia E.

Jessie P.

Alejandro M.

Laura J.

Amber T.

Deb B.

Delainey F.

Heidi L.

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