Calling All Solos & Singles: Black Day Will Soon Be Upon Us

Yes, we said “us.” Team SnackFever is single, too.

Love holidays are seemingly never-ending in Korea. Holidays for single people, or “solos,” as Koreans call them, never seem to end, either. It’s like they want to keep driving the cold, lonely knife into our hearts again and again…


But single life isn’t all that bad. Thankfully, there’s food to keep us company!

Black Day (April 14) offers delicious hope and solace for those who didn’t receive anything on Valentine’s Day back in February, or White Day in March. Single Koreans mark their status by eating jjajangmyun (짜장면) — black bean noodles.




So why are we posting about Black Day this early?

Grab your Black Day Box and join Team SnackFever on April 14 as we chow down on jjajangmyun!

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