What’s in the SnackFever March Box?

Introducing our Deluxe Box exclusives!

We began shipping our brand new Deluxe Box in March! Check out a few of the delicious snacks and goodies that went inside both the March Deluxe and Original Boxes.

Oh Yes! Strawberry Cake

오예스 딸기 2

Soft and moist chocolate-covered cake, filled with whipped strawberry cream.

Hangul Tip: “Strawberry” in Korean is “딸기,” pronounced “ddal-gi.”

CocoPodo Juice


All-natural juice made from fresh grapes. It includes whole grape pulp, so don’t freak out! 😆

Hangul Tip: “Grape” in Korean is “포도,” pronounced “poe-doe.”

Rare Cheese Heim


A bite of cream cheese in a crispy wafer! You can freeze it to enjoy it like a cheesecake, or pair it with coffee, tea, or milk at room temperature.

Buk Gyung Jjajang


A variation of an all-time classic — Jajangmyun. Soup-less noodles with black bean sauce and mixed vegetables.

Honey Almond Cracker


A delicious, sugary cracker with almond flakes, infused with a hint of acacia honey. Enjoy it with coffee or tea!

This is another of Team SnackFever’s absolute favorites!

Nurungji Candy


A traditional Korean treat: scorched rice-flavored candy. It’s a great balance of sweetness and starchy/nutty-ness.

Haitai Butter Ring


A delicious and sweet butter-flavored cookie that’s ideal for tea time or any snacking occasion!


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Deluxe Box: Exclusives

These snacks weren’t included in the Mini or Original Boxes!

Organic Blueberry-flavored B-Chips


Yeah, we asked ourselves the same question: Could this actually taste any good? And oh-muh-nah, we were blown away at how good these are!

These baked blueberry chips are made without sugar and flour. It’s an alternative snack for those seeking a healthy yet savory choice!

Bulgogi Bibimbap Cup


What?! SnackFever also does food? 

Yes we do! At least, food that’s easy for you to prepare! The Bulgogi Bibimbap Cup is an instant ramen-style version of the no. 1-selling Korean dish! Just add hot water, drain, mix the spicy gochujang, and voila!

White Chocolate Cube Bites


Bite-size cube crackers infused with white chocolate, giving you a rich, sweet flavor in each bite. Another Team SnackFever fave!

Kimnori Snack, Almond Flavor


Sorry, we have a lot of favorites, and this is yet another one! Dried, crispy seaweed with almond flakes and a savory seasoning. It’s new, it’s healthy, and it’s wonderful.

Soda Candy


It’s exactly what the name says, and it’s just as good as you would think. Hard candy with Italian soda flavor!

Bull Jjampong KotGaeLang


Savory baked chips made with assortment of seafood flavors (cod, shrimp, squid, and crab) and topped with spicy jjampong flakes.

Green Tea Chlorella Cup Ramyun


A non-spicy and healthy noodle option! Don’t let the green noodles scare you, it’s made with green tea and chlorella.

Get an entire box of endless instant ramyun with our Special Paldo Ramyun Box!


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