Sneak Peek: June’s SnackFever Box ‘Curated By Team SnackFever’

Hey SnackFever Fam! For the first time ever, the SnackFever monthly box will have a theme!

And since it’s the first theme, we decided to make a box including some of Team SnackFever’s favorite snacks!

Keep checking the SnackFever blog throughout the month of June to see which snacks we’re including. If you haven’t already, you can sign up early to claim your June Box now!

For now, here’s the first sneak peek at the June SnackFever Box:

French Macchiato Pastry (Original & Mini Box)

James Bbang loves this one because he’s coffee-crazy. This snack is one of our most exclusive offerings. It’s pretty new in Korea, which means they aren’t widely available here in the U.S. yet!



Candy Kitchen (Original & Mini Box)

Lil’ Lea loves healthy fruity candy, and it doesn’t get tastier, sweeter, or healthier than this. Candy Kitchen hard candy is made from natural fruit and veggie flavors, and they each pack plenty of Vitamin E. You’ll be receiving a full bag of three unique but delicious flavors!




Kokalcorn – Honey Butter Flavor (Deluxe & Original Box)

Kokalcorn chips are among our all-time best snacks, especially for our fearless leader MC Josik! But combine the amazing texture and taste with honey butter flavoring?! Game over.


Sign up early for a June SnackFever Box to make sure you’ll be munching on these delicious goodies!



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