Two Korean Recipe Hacks To Make College Life Easier

So I just moved into my first apartment — EVER.

by taylor “teapi” tran

During my first night at the new place, none of my cooking utensils were unpacked so I ordered some pizza delivery and tried to let it settle in that I was actually living on my own for the first time.

As I enjoyed my mushroom-and-jalepeno slice, I started to wonder if I had the time and supplies to actually cook for myself. There’s no way I would have the money or the time (or skills) to cook a gourmet dinner every night.

I did what every college student would do: I opened my laptop and typed in Google. I really wanted to cook Korean food, but I wondered if it was actually possible to do so on a budget and with limited supplies. After some searching, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were quite a few awesome and easy-to-make recipes on the Internet, and I’m really excited to try them!

Here are a few that I found.

1. Fancy Instant Noodles.

The first recipe I found incorporates a staple of any college student: instant noodles — but with one twist: it features Korean Ramyun. This is perfect for me because I love eating instant noodles, but they can get boring. You can dress up your ramyun by adding some green onions:

Or cracking a fresh egg into the pot:

The end result is so much better than just regular noodles. YUM.

Full recipe: How to make Korean ramyeon (Ramyeon: 라면) aka ramen


2. Simple Bibimbap.

Have some rice and vegetables laying around and? Layer it all together and try to make this tasty bibimbap recipe.


Add some marinated meat:

Make a simple sauce:

You can even top it with an egg because eggs make everything prettier. SO GOOD.

Full recipe: Bibimbap – Korean Mixed Vegetables and Rice


These two recipes look really delicious and simple and I can’t wait to get home tonight and cook my first dinner. Perfect after a long day of classes! I’ll call it the First Supper.


taylor “teapi” tran is an intern at SnackFever. She loves to post photos on instagram that no one likes.


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