#Unboxing the June SnackFever Box

This box is curated by Team SnackFever! 😉

Take a look at the snacks in our June Box! Let us know which ones are your favorites!


My Chew Candy (4 Flavors)

Original & Mini Box

my chew

A soft and chewy taffy with multiple fruit flavors! You can’t help but get addicted to these.


Candy Kitchen (3 Flavors)

Mini, Original, and Deluxe Box

candy kitchen

We have no idea what a “candy kitchen” would look like, but these are what would come out of it! The candies are made with unique pairings of natural flavors — Tomato & Grapefruit; Broccoli & Kiwi; Carrot & Apple.

They’re delicious and packed with Vitamin E! Kids will love this, as long as you don’t tell them about the veggie flavors. 😂




French Macchiato

Original & Mini Box



This one’s really, really good with a cup of coffee. The mini-pastry is light and sweet with a hint of caramel.


Poteau Cream Cookies

Original & Mini Box


Light and savory cream sandwiched between crackers. A simple, tasty take on a classic snack!


Margaret Choco

Original & Mini Box


Margaret cookies are delicious. So what happens when you fill them with chocolate?! True love.  😍


Aye-Shyuh Candy

Original & Deluxe Box


Hard but chewable sour candy with an extra sour filling. You’ll be saying, “Aye-shyuh!” (“It’s so sour!)


Pineapple Juice Drink

Original & Deluxe Box


We can’t ship you entire pineapples, but we can give you this refreshingly sweet pineapple juice! If you love fruit pulp, this one has plenty of it!


Kkokal Corn Honey Butter Chips

Original & Deluxe Box


Kkokal Corn chips are among our top favorite snacks among Team SnackFever. So when we heard there was a honey butter version, we had to get it!

Pororo Blueberry Yogurt DIY Powder Mix

Original Box


Looking for a quick and healthy snack? Whip up some yogurt with our favorite Korean penguin, Pororo!

Snack Myun

Original Box


A snack version of Korean ramyun. The broth has a nice, spicy kick, and the noodles are a bit thinner than your normal ramyun.

If you think the soup is too spicy, add a bit more hot water. And if you’re still hungry, add some rice to the leftover soup for an extra snack!

Choco Waffle

Deluxe Box

choco waffle

A sweet, crunchy waffle dipped in chocolate. It pairs nicely with a cup of coffee or tea!

Ja-Yoo Shi-Gan (Free Time) Chocolate Bar

Deluxe Box


One of the top 3 most-popular chocolate bars in Korea! It has a crunchy cookie center that can be enjoyed with a glass of milk, or even by itself.


Chicken Macho Teriyaki Ramyun Snack

Deluxe Box

macho teriyaki

Slurping on fresh ramyun is amazing. The next best thing: crunching on ramyun.

Our favorite macho chicken is back, this time with a teriyaki-flavored ramyun snack!


Roasted Black Rice Snack & Pumpkin Seeds

Deluxe Box


Scorched rice is an old-school Korean snack. This sweet and savory modern take on it is made of roasted black rice and pumpkin seeds!


Sando Chocolate Biscuit

Deluxe Box


One of Korea’s most popular line of crackers! This one features chocolate cream SANDO-wiched between a couple of light biscuits!


Veggie Tuna

Deluxe Box


Seasoned canned tuna with an assortment of vegetables. Canned tuna is a perfect pairing for a bowl of jjajangmyun, or even just a fresh bowl of rice!


Veggie Soup Mix

Deluxe Box

veg soup

Koreans all have fond memories of growing up and eating this soup for breakfast. This is a healthy option for any meal of the day, and you can spruce it up with your favorite banchan (side dishes) alongside a bowl of rice!


Harvest Original Chips

Deluxe Box

harvest orig

A healthy snack made of whole grains and sesame seeds! Koreans seriously can’t get enough of that sesame flavor and aroma.


Cantata Premium Coffee

Deluxe Box


Need a caffeine pick-me-up? The Cantata latte is a sweet and simple but effective boost in a can!


SnackFever Box Lineup


My Chew Candy

French Macchiato (2)

Candy Kitchen

Poteau Cream Crackers (2)

Margaret Choco Cookies (2)



Snack Myun (ramyun)

My Chew

Poteau Cream Crackers (2)

Candy Kitchen

French Macchiato (2)

Pororo Yogurt Powder

Pineapple Juice

Aye-Shyuh Sour Candy

Margaret Choco (2)

Kkokal Corn Chips – Honey Butter Flavor



Candy Kitchen

Ja-Yoo Time Choco Bar

Choco Waffle

Chicken Macho – Teriyaki Ramen

Roasted Black Rice with Pumpkin Seeds & Almonds

Sando Choco Biscuit

Aye-Shyuh Candy

Seasoned Tuna with Vegetables

Vegetable Soup Mix

Harvest Original Snack

Cantata Premium Latte

Kkokal Corn Honey Butter Chips




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