Samuel The Octopus Travels To L.A. To Be With Conan

Octopus is usually eaten by Koreans, but this one escaped.

When Conan O’Brien went to South Korea last year with Steven Yeun, he ended up leaving with a music video with J.Y. Park and plenty of new fans. But one thing he couldn’t bring back to the States was his new pet octopus, Samuel.

Samuel was rescued from a fish market by the heroic talk show host and adopted as a pet, until Conan realized he wasn’t able to take Samuel back with him to America. He donated his new friend to an aquarium, where he also found out Samuel was a female.

Recently, however, South Korea’s tourism organization arranged for Samuel to be sent to Los Angeles, where she finally will be able to live out the rest of her life!

You can watch her journey below.

For those of you who don’t know, Koreans eat live octopus, called san nakjiMost Koreans will chop up the octopus, then eat the pieces with sea salt and sesame oil. Octopus is also prepared in a hot pot, or grilled.