What’s In The SnackFever February Box?

What's In The SnackFever February Box?

Part 2 – Take a look at the delicious goodies in the SnackFever February Box!

by Team SnackFever

The February 2017 SnackFever Box wasn’t just delicious – it was quite nice to look at!

For one, the February swag was all set on making you beautiful! Original subscribers each received a Song Joong-ki face mask to give your pores a “Big Boss” touch, and Deluxe subscribers received a bottle of hand cream from Daycell, featuring 3 animal mascots.

And now for the snacks…where do we begin?

Finding Korean snacks with aesthetically-pleasing packaging is a hard task. However, our snack team led by Hotward managed to curate a diverse lineup of snacks. Some were healthy yet tasty, like the B and G Chips, while others were lovingly, comfortingly decadent. The snacks were overall quite modern, either completely new like the line of LOTTE chocolates, while others were new takes on classic items like the Neoguri ramen cup, Choco Cookie Pepero, and spicy Kkokkal Corn Chips.

Take a look at the full lineup below! If you were a subscriber, let us know which ones where your favorites! ?


G Chip

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes

The “G” in G Chip is for GREAT and GREEN!

What makes it so? Organic GRAINS and seaweed make this one of the most unique healthy (but tasty) chips you’ll ever try.



B Chip

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes

You got your G for GREEN – now how about a B for BLACK? These B Chips are made from organic blueberries and grains!

And as a BONUS, they pack a lot of fiber!



Moncher Cream Cake

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes

You’ve got your traditional Choco Pie with a marshmallow filling, but have you tried it with cream? This is quite the handsome cream cake.



Chic Choc Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes

A LOTTE Korean snack classic that’s celebrating 20 years! You can’t go wrong with a well-done chocolate chip cookie.

chococookie (1)

Milk Caramel

Mini, Original, & Deluxe Boxes

Y’all ready know what it is. Milk Caramels are a SnackFever & LOTTE favorite, and it was even featured in the Entertainer K-drama!

Pop a caramel cube in your mouth and prepare to be entertained.



Pepero Choco Cookie

Original & Deluxe Box

How can you tell if a Pepero variant is straight out of Korea? The branding is still in Korean!

LOTTE gave us this snack to share exclusively with the SnackFever Family. We hope you enjoy this new cookie coating!



“Let’s Be” Mild Coffee

Original & Deluxe Box

Let’s Be coffee is a well-known brand of canned coffee from Lotte. It’s a convenience store-favorite, and it has fans all throughout Asia!

Let’s be happy and sip on some coffee.



Yeol “Fever” Ramen

Original & Deluxe Box

The Fever Ramen is ranked among the top 10 spiciest ramen out of Korea.

Can you handle the heat and deep, delicious broth?



Spicy & Sweet Kkokkal Corn Chips

Original & Deluxe Box

Kkokkal Corn Chips are an absolute staple among Korean snacks.

Kick things up a notch with a spicy and sweet version that’ll warm and tickle your tongue!



Neoguri Cup Ramen

Deluxe Box

Neoguri is one of Nongshim’s most famous and tasty brands of ramen. Seafood lovers among Deluxe Box subscribers will enjoy the spicy broth!



Ghana Almond Chocolate Bar

Deluxe Box

Did you get enough chocolate during Valentine’s Day? All the more reason to treat yourself with our favorite Ghana chocolate from LOTTE!



“Crunky” Crunch Chocolate Bar

Deluxe Box

If you need a bit more crunch in your chocolate, then you need to turn it up to CRUNKY.



Caramel Macchiato Cantata Coffee

Deluxe Box

Coffee so good, it’s musical. An appropriate, lovely pairing with the Let’s Be coffee!


Which snacks did you enjoy in February? Let us know in the comments below! You can also look for your favorites to purchase individually at the SnackFever Shop Beta!