Versatile AND Delicious: Melona Bars!

Melona Bar

Beat the heat with Melona!

by Tby Tomato

For quite a while, Melona Bars have been a popular dessert during summer (or all year round, tbh). These colorful ice cream bars have an attraction that make them impossible to resist!

It's time for a midweek pick-me-up! #EnjoyMelona

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The world has been trying to make the most out of Melona Bars. Take a look at some of the creative ways Melona connoisseurs have served these bars!

First we have Melona bars in bingsoo (Korean shaved ice)

Merry Christmas Everyone‼️? ?@520_desserts's Honey Dew #ShavedIce with #melona bar topped off with chia seeds ?#KaiEatsWorld @enjoymelona

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Melon bingsoo <3

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You can put them in drinks, like Chilsung Cider:

Have it dipped in chocolate!

Or just cover it in sprinkles!

I'll melt you down like ice cream ?

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You can turn them into whatever you like, a book stand for example…

Or plant them in some crunchy cereal dirt…

Please grow to be a fruitful Melona tree!

Let’s not forgot when team SnackFever did the Melona Challenge:

Even though we might not carry ice cream due to melting problems (we deliver happiness, not sad, saggy packs of liquid with wooden sticks T.T), we do have other refreshing snacks in stock! Anytime Candies, with its minty flavor and Jeju Mandarin Drink are both great choices to keep you fresh and awake! Get your munch on, fam.