RamyunFever? More like RAM-YUM FEVER. Here’s what to expect!

RamyunFever Box

What’s in this month’s RamyunFever box? ?

by JT

What’s up, winners? If you’ve received a beautiful, orange RamyunFever Box in the mail, this post is specifically for you! If you haven’t, then there’s always next month :3

Open up this noodle-y treasure chest to find a wide assortment of easy-prep noodles of different tastes & temperatures! Here’s what you’ll find in this month’s box~

God Jjajang


Yeah, you heard right; it’s the godliest jjajang you’ll ever have. That’s why it’s called God Jjajang. Take a bite & bless up.

Cold Buldak Spicy Chicken Noodle

ice cold buldak

Set your tongue on fire but then become confused, because your noodles aren’t actually hot. This is Buldak’s answer to the summer heat. You’re probably going to need a cold beverage for this one.

Doong Ji Ramyun


Cold broth noodles are a Korean specialty. If you’re not used to this kinda stuff, then you’re about to, because this dish is the perfect meal to beat the summer heat.

Jang Ramyun

soy flavor noodle

You were so hot you blasted the AC to the max, but now you’re in a blanket igloo trying to stay warm in Antarctica. Good. Now pop this warm, savory soy ramyun into a boiling pot of water, and soak in the good pseudo-winter vibes.

Paldo Premium Gomtang


It’s not called Premium Gomtang for no reason. Heal your bones with this hearty bone broth ramyun. Don’t eat that Top Ramyun that tastes like cardboard & salt. Feast on this instead.

Paldo Dosirac Beef


Doshirak means “lunch box” in Korean. We also have our own Doshirak Box in our shop, actually. Have noodles for lunch with this convenient beef soup ramyun! Yum~

Ottogi Snack Myun

snack ramen

Hungry but not too hungry? Snack Myun is for you. This one’s for those days where you don’t want to actually bring out the pots and just want to pour boiling water into a pre-prepped cup.

Wang Bulgogi Udon

bulgogi udon

Have you ever seen a combination as beautiful as bulgogi and udon? Well, you have now. Super easy to prepare, and out-of-this-world delicious, this Bulgogi Udon is gonna knock your socks off!

Speaking of socks…check out these bad boys that were included in everyone’s June RamyunFever Box~

shin ramyun socks

With plenty of nifty noodles to go around, the RamyunFever box is sure to keep you satiated for quite some time! Let us know which was your favorite ramyun in the comments, or on any of our social media! And if you haven’t already, join us by becoming a subscriber so that you can remain a part of the SnackFever fam forever! ❤️ Take pics of your box & RamyunFever swag and tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!