October DoshirakFever Box Contents!!

Curious what is in this month’s delicious DoshirakFever Box?  Check out what we included for October’s box that’s STRAIGHT OUTTA KOREA!!

Let’s Eat – Yellow Pollack Soup Rice 든든하게먹자-황태국밥

Seafood lover and always on the go? This cup rice coup is for you! The broth is infused with beef bone and adds solid ingredients to make the flavor just right. Add all the rice, sauce and other solid ingredients into the cup. Make sure to add the flakes and hot rice first then the boiling water.





Bean Sprout HangOver Soup  – 콩나물 해장국밥

The name says it all. Hungover? This instant dish will have your back!






The Memories – Clam Noodle Soups 그때그추억-바지락 칼국수

Best for cold weather, this clam noodle soup will warm you up and satisfy your seafood craving all at once.

Make sure to boil 700 ml of water and then insert noodles and soup and boil it for 5 minutes. After, place the noodles and soup in a bowl and put some of the flakes that are included

Tips: Add zucchini, boiled eggs and clam!




Mixed Noodles (비빔국수)


Craving something spicy and refreshing? These noodles got you covered and will be ready within 10 minutes!

Make sure to boil 700 ml of water and then insert noodles and soup and boil it for 5 minutes. After, take out just the noodles wash it with cold water. Then place  the noodles in the bowl and add the sauce and mix

Tip: Add a boiled egg, one drop of sesame oil and seaweed powder



Otaste Mother’s Touch Seaweed Soup (오테이스트 손맛미역국)

A healthy and comforting soup that doubles as a nourishing staple for nursing mothers. In korea, people eat seaweed soup when celebrating their birthday. When women in Korea give birth, they are given seaweed soup or Mi yuk guk (미역국) – Korean birthday soup.  This happens because the soup is seen as the healthiest post-partum food to consume. Seaweed contains a lot of iodine and iron which help restore blood that the mother lost during child birth.




Horurook (Slurping) Cup Mushroom Soup (호로록 컵스프 양송이)

Looking for something light and healthy to eat for breakfast or snack? This healthy and low-calorie cup soup is excellent for when dieting or if your sick. All you have to do is add the powder in the cup and add boiling water until the given line and wait for 3 minutes.






White Snack Seaweed (화이트 스낵김)

Crispy seaweed snack  for the lavor lovers everywhere~






Bonus Item: Ring Towel (고리수건)


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