October SnackFever Box Contents!!

October’s Theme is a “Halloween” Box Straight Outta Korea!

Spicy Chicken Potato Chips (포테토칩 매콤치킨) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe) 

Ever wondered what KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) tasted like but didn’t know how to get your hands on any? Here’s your chance but in chip form! This bag of chips that is flavored like spicy fried chicken will make your mouth water for more

* Contains wheat, soy 





Oh Yes Orange -2x (오예슨 오렌지) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe) 

These compact treats are so delicious they’ll have you saying, “Oh Yes!” Each bite of this little chocolate covered cake is decadent, giving you the perfect mix of chocolate, cake, and orange crème filling!

* Contains wheat, soy, dairy  





Ice Cream Bar Flavored Lollipop (롤리폽 아이스) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe) 

We have always wanted to ship Korean Ice cream to our subscribers and now we can! The best and most popular ice cream bars are now in lollipop form and come in four different flavors. Personal favorite is watermelon~

* Contains soy  





ToyPlay YANGDDING x ACAU (토이플레이 양띵x악어) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe) 

Inspired by two famous Korean gaming Youtubers, YANGDDING and ACAU, this mystery egg is like a kinder egg but with Minecraft theme. Did you get the main prize or did you get a car? Check out YANGDDING and ACAU if you like video games and Minecraft or just people who yell at their computer screens with their online friends.





Milk Caramel x3 (밀크 카라멜) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe) 

Classic milk caramel candies

* Contains  soy, dairy  





Nuneddine (누네띠네) – (Original, Deluxe) 

Italian inspired half chocolate half cracker premium biscuits. They’ll make you fall in love with them with the first bite!

* Contains  wheat, soy, dairy  





Crunchy Waffles-Milk Melon (크런치웨하스 밀크메론) – (Original, Deluxe) 

Lovers of everything melon flavored rejoice! Inside each of these snacks lies a delicious milky-melon filling waiting just for you!

*Contains wheat, egg, milk, soy





Sour Chewy Lemon Cola Flavor (씬쫄이레몬콜라) – (Original) 

For those Original Subscribers that missed these delicious sour belts, we have included this just for you!

Think Sour Belts, but better! This lemon cola flavor will definitely knock your socks off with its sour intensity!





Larva Cookie (먹보 라바 쿠키) – (Original) 

Don’t let the name scare you! Named after a Korean kids’ fairy tale, they’re adorably small cheese flavored cookies full of vitamins and calcium!

*Contains wheat, egg, milk, soy, and peanuts






Caramel Popcorn (카라멜팝콘) – (Deluxe)

You can never go wrong with caramel popcorn! This little cup of popcorn covered with creamy caramel is perfect for lunch or for a picnic with a significant other~

 Contains wheat, soy, dairy 





Double Crunky Bar (더블 크런치바) – (Deluxe) 

Oreos but as a candy bar. Boom. Mind blown.

* Contains wheat, soy, dairy 






YoHi (요하이) – (Deluxe) 

Anything with Wanna One on it has to be good, right? Of course! These little cookies with a creamy yogurt filling will surely make you smile and make your day a little brighter

* Contains wheat, soy, dairy  





Malang Choco (말랑초코) – (Deluxe)

Little drops of heaven~ These chocolate covered dried apples on the go. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up or a light sugary snack

* Contains wheat, soy, dairy, applemint





Fire Chicken Mixed Almonds (불닭볶음아몬드) – (Deluxe) 

Looking for something crunchy to snack on while making sure your mouth is on fire?  These spicy chicken flavored almonds is great for you to get through the day and make your tummy happy and mouth burn.

* Contains almonds, wheat, soy 







BTS Stickers (방탄소년단 스티커) – (Deluxe) 

Halloween Tatto Sticker Set (할로윈 판박이) – (Mini, Original, Deluxe) 


Mask Pack (포인트 마스크팩) – (Original, Deluxe) 


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